My Before 35 List

There’s so many lists that you see around the internet and on blogs, life lists, and sometimes “30 before 30.”  Being very nearly 30 years old and never having such a list, I decided it’s time to cross off some things before I turn 35!

1. Skydive

2. Swim with dolphins


4. Cross the Atlantic and/or Pacific

5. See the Grand Canyon

6. Go on a long roadtrip

7. See Mt. Rushmore

8. Get 200 Linked In connections Completed 2012

9. Earn/Start Masters degree

10. Adopt a dog

11. Take a cooking class

12. Start writing book

13. Complete a scrapbook

14. Buy a new car

15. Run a half marathon Completed 9/16/12 Rock N Roll Half

16. Open an IRA Completed 2/2011 My job has a retirement plan that mimics an IRA

17. Get a second third & fourth tattoos 2nd tat Completed 4/2013

18. Buy a house Completed 12/2012

19. Run a full marathon (preferably Philadelphia Marathon) added 5/1/13

I’ll be updating and adding as I complete these!


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