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It’s Friday!  And while I am currently harboring in my office and enjoying the central air conditioning, I’m also warming my hands on a cup of coffee.  It’s my first cup of coffee in probably a month.  Now, I’m not noble, I was never that into coffee.  However, I was totally craving a hot cup from Dunkin Donuts (shameless plug?) and ordered a small black to customize myself at home.

My biggest gripe with ordering coffee is that there is no dairy free options at a lot of places nor are there other sweeteners besides artificial.  So I added some coconut milk and maple syrup to a mug at home, stirred in my DD coffee, and voila dairy and sugar free.  That got me thinking about all my substitutions and how I’d love to share my most used ones with you, below.  If you use some that I don’t have, please let me know!

Use this:                                                               For this:

Coconut Oil                                                         Any cooking oil

Plain Non-fat Greek Yogurt                             Mayo or Sour Cream

100% Pure Maple Syrup                                 Sugar

(RAW) Honey                                                    Sugar

Coconut/Rice/Almond Milk                            Cow’s Milk

Quinoa                                                               Rice

This list is not all encompassing, but good options for common foods.  An infographic below as well.

Substitute Infographic 2

Have a happy and healthy weekend!