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I’m just recovering from my weekend.  We decided 6 months ago it would be a cool idea to run the Spartan Sprint in Blue Mountain, PA.  We trained over the last few months as part of our regular hard hitting gym sessions.  However, nothing could have prepared me for the utter challenge of going up a mountain!  To say I underestimated the race would be accurate, and I would consider myself a fit person.  It was gruelling in the moment but the feeling afterwards is great.  You have such a sense of accomplishment and I am just more motivated to go at my gym times harder.  I’m already looking for my next mud run, preferably one without monkey bars though!

Spartan1 SpartanAfter

We treated ourselves to a mini vacation and headed straight to a hotel by the beach to relax and ease our muscles in the hot tub, and worked on our tans the next day.  Well deserved reward.

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