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I promise this is the last post about my housewarming!  I just know that there are so many times I’ll read about someone’s event and wish I knew how to do this or where they got that.  Really I saved the best for last!

We kept our drink menu simple.  Did not want to have so many choices and have a lot leftover.  We assumed for light beer drinkers, and more wine/liquor options (also more to appease me, ha!).  We also limited our non alcohol options to only two, mainly because neither of us drinks soda or juice so it may go to waste.

Beverages You know from the last post that we basically had mason jars as the only beverage container, so these dispensers were great to have.  We bought one of the water dispenser jugs from our local grocery store and bought the above two from Wal-mart.  A steal at $10 and $15 respectively.

Sangria is a good option for men and women and I found this recipe on Pinterest, perfect for summer.  The second drink is Sun tea, which you may or may not have heard of growing up.  It consists of soaking tea bags in water and letting the sun keep it warm to “brew.”  Pretty neat, and actually was gone pretty fast.  I was super impressed that no one asked for sweetener, it was tasty enough!

buckets o beer  This was our beer set up.  I wanted one big plastic bin, but did not find any big enough at the dollar store, and I was tired so I bought mop buckets.  They not only worked well but have new life after the party is over.  The cooler held about 2-3 bags of ice with a scoop for drinks.

bar  This was the lovely bar.  We bought some wine, two white and one red, specifically for the party.  Then we left out some hard liquor…just in case…but it was never needed!  Then on the left is the three bottles of champagne with plastic cups, for toasts.  We had two toasts. So. much. fun.\

The last beverage option, I forgot to take a picture of, went over really well.  I cut up a pineapple and the night before soaked it in some coconut rum (like Malibu).  Left it in a glass container with toothpicks, and people really liked it, plus it wasn’t too strong.  Way easier than jello shots.

Most importantly, however you set up your own party, keep it simple.  Your guests won’t mind and it will be just as fabulous.