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I hope you’re not yet tired of hearing about my housewarming party, but there are so many elements that I want to share for those of you like me.  Those who love to take care of your guests, but don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of time and money doing so.  The last detail I’d like to share is the take home gifts!

I planned for two prizes, one for each game.  One I knew was going to be a wine basket, because, really, who doesn’t like wine?  The other I was totally unsure of until I found it on Pinterest (duh).

Wine Prize  To make this basket I bought a dollar store bucket that looked like it could be functional, two dollar store wine glasses (surprisingly good quality), a variety pack of Ghirardelli chocolates and a nice bottle of red wine.  I probably spent less than $15 on the entire prize.

Movie Prize  To make this I bought a basket from the dollar store (was looking for the big plastic popcorn bins, use that if you find them).  The popcorn kernels I bought at Wal-Mart along with two different popcorn seasonings and 99 cent movie candy.  The movie I just had lying around since it was my second copy, but you could easily get a nice movie from the $5 bin.  I wish I had time to print out directions on how to pop kernels on your stove top, but next time I’d include that too.  I probably spent $11 on this prize.

Since I had two winners for the first game and hadn’t planned for it, I didn’t want to nix the door prize so I  used an extra bottle of champagne I had instead.  Having extra alcohol is a win sometimes!

My next take home gift was probably something you’ve seen around the internets before.

Jar Sign Mason Jars

It’s the infamous mason jar.  I really did not want to dispose of 100 cups after my party and my guests were so excited to write on and keep their jars after.  One thing to account for, the condensation from cold drinks totally rubs off the name after a while.  Anyone know how to remedy this?  I heard there are chalk pens so might try that next time.

Last are my favors.  I went through many ideas, but in order to keep my cost down and still have a useful gift, I decided that candles would be perfect.  I found the perfect amount: 12 packs of votives at Michael’s for only $8.99.  A tip: They take competitor’s coupons and in my case A.C. Moore had a 50% off coupon that week.  That means I got 24 favors for only $8.99 plus tax!

All of the favors wrapped up!

All of the favors wrapped up!

Unwrapped favor

Unwrapped favor

To make them personal I printed clear labels with “Thank You” written on them and stuck to each one, then I wrapped them in balloon favor bags from dollar tree.  A nice, thoughtful, and inexpensive way to show a little appreciation for your guests!