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Parties are fun because you can often get lost in various conversations with new or old friends, eat good food, and just enjoy yourself.  I definitely don’t think there is anything wrong with just socializing at a party.  However, I’m a nervous person!  I think of all the possible scenarios that could go wrong and try and plan for it.  So when I knew I was going to have a totally random and assorted grouping of friends for my housewarming I was nearly panicked by the thought that…gasp…what if no one spoke with each other!

I know, totally ridiculous.  A party with games and activities, though, so much fun!  After filling our tummies and natural pauses in animated conversations started I brought out the “My Adventure Book” pamphlets I made for everyone.

Adventure Book

I had two activities and the game was that the first person to fill out the entire booklet correctly would be declared winner and get a choice of two prizes.  I totally got the game ideas off of Pinterest!  One was a scavenger hunt with vague clues about objects in my home and they had to describe where they were.  The other was a word scramble with answers that related to home ownership.


This little activity really was a hit.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of everyone leaning against walls and chairs to fill in their answers.  In the end, we had two winners (of course I didn’t plan on that ha!) and they were excited by their prizes.

The last “game” was a door prize.  I think door prize games are nice because they don’t have pressure and it’s totally based on luck/fate if you win.  To go along with Pixar’s Up theme, when filling the balloons I left a handful to fill with fake money I had lying around the house (random? yes!) and folded up so you could not see the dollar amount.  As each guest was leaving they would pick a balloon to pop with a safety pin and the person who got $100 bill won the prize.

Which one would you pick?

Which one would you pick?

The last engaging activity was less of an activity and more of something to remember my housewarming by.  I have decorated my guest room with a travel theme, and really wanted a map to hang.  The boyfriend and I found the perfect one at Staples, with a vintage style.  I figured it would be the perfect “guestbook” for my housewarming and for future guests to our home to sign.

Signature Map

Can you find the Up house?

All in all, the activities weren’t too much and fit right in with the flow of the party.  Feel free to try these ideas out at your next party as well!