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One of the most important elements when executing a theme is the decorations.  It is just as important to incorporate the colors and images associated with your theme as it is also be subtle in its display.  This is a housewarming and adult party before it’s a Pixar’s Up opening night.

Before we went through all the decor planning, we watched Up again and picked up on things we thought would work with our housewarming theme.  The colors were easy, basically rainbow since Carl uses every imaginable color balloon.  Balloons were also easy (and can I also mention cheap?!).  I also picked a few prop must haves.


It was important for me to have my decorations be simple, since the main feature of the housewarming is my house.  I chose to only decorate the main floor and only in key areas like food display, living area, entry, and beverages.  How you choose your areas to highlight, is up to you!

I found a lot of great ideas on Pinterest, check out my Party Time board here.  I really loved the budget friendly options like tissue paper poms and the tassel garland.  Armed with these tutorials I bought three packs of rainbow tissue paper from the dollar store, and only used one to make all of the decorations in my pictures.

bar Dining Room Tassle Banner

It was important for me to have a banner.  I thought it would look great in pictures and once I came up with “Moving on Up” it was perfect and ideal that I found this tutorial on how to make a banner in Microsoft Word.  Super easy to make and set up (I haven’t taken it down yet!).


My food labels, which you will see in tomorrow’s post, were also made with this tutorial, incorporating the balloon theme and printed on card stock.

I got these props from stuff I had around the house:

Paradise Falls Jar


I made the My Adventure Books in the suitcase as part of a game that I will describe in a later post.

Overall the colors were eye catching and pretty, decorations were affordable, and my theme was well executed and understood by my guests.  Please email me if you have any further questions in executing these ideas for yourself.