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I’ve been busy. However, being busy means I have way more to post about on here, including my first event in my new home! It happened yesterday but it was many weeks in the making. I’ll be writing a few posts about it, just because I love all the details and maybe you’d want to host a Pixar’s Up theme party yourself.

First, let me say this is my first housewarming, not my first party, but still new territory and I learned a few things:

1. Do not understimate your guests like I did. Although the party started at 2, I totally anticipated everyone arriving late. I was right, my first guests arrives shortly before three, but then everyone was right on their heels and before I knew it there was a room full of people. Which brings me to my next lesson.

2. Never have the oven on over 250 degrees at your party. My menu was simple, which was great and we went with home made pizzas. Six different kinds to be exact and while all of them were prepared ahead of time, I thought I’d have time during the party to cook them. Needless to say it got hot really fast.

3. Have activities! I did something right when I planned a couple fun games to entertain our guests. When everyone has eaten and the conversations were hitting their natural lull, the competitive game brought the tempo way up. That being said…

4. Have back up plans. I planned two games and therefore had two prizes, but there was a tie! Yikes. Luckily I had bought quite a few bottles of champagne and one of them became the new door prize.

5. Make toasts. I know toasts are typically reserved for occasions like birthdays and weddings, but at a housewarming? Still totally fun. Because my guests arrived staggered we had two champagne toasts and everyone was game.

I’m sure there are more words of wisdom I could garner from this event, but I’ll save those nuggets for another time. Let me share with you some of my favorite photos that really carried out my theme. I do wish I had remembered to take more pictures though!

Adventure Book



Paradise Falls Jar

Up House on Map