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I’ve thought about the fact that I’m starting a new blog, for like the umpteenth time, and that I really hate that I’m doing it…again.  There’s nothing that I can change about the past, but I thought it might be fun to write out my blogging timeline, for myself mostly, but maybe for some of you who were my former readers!

Sometime in 1998-

I always loved to write but I specifically remember finally getting AOL in ’98 and with that I created a Geocities (remember them?!) page.  I had no clue what I was doing at the time, but clearly I was on to something.  Part of my website was a section I called “Eve’s Journal” HA!  I still laugh thinking about it, because it was so lame.  Basically a self absorbed high schooler’s diary with the names changed.

June 2007-

This is Dating (?) on Blogger was born.  My very good friend encouraged me to start a blog because of all my crazy adventures in singledom and I’m so glad she did.  I was anonymous, writing under the name “Passionista.”  That gave me all the freedom to write about the stuff that was really going on without repercussions.

May 2009-

I was in a relationship and realized that I was quickly outgrowing the old blog and so it was time to move on and leave from behind the anonymous curtain.  I started passionistablogs[dot]com and tried out writing without a specific genre to put my writing into.  While it took me a bit to get into a groove, I found a new joy in not being anonymous anymore…which came at a price.

March 2010-

This isn’t exactly a blogging milestone I want to remember, but it is relevant because it was when “Passionista Blogs” was officially over.  Long story short, people in my personal life found the blog, and took my posts as a personal attack.  They are entitled to their feelings for sure, but I have never felt more exposed and violated in my entire life.

April 2010-

My (first) attempt at bouncing back started with my new (and current) persona “NessaBeGood.”  It is my compromise between writing personal stuff and sort of being out there and not anonymous.  I attempted many transformations of nessabegood[dot]com but never found a groove.

July 2010-

This is now!  Let’s see if I have something to write about that won’t offend others! I kid…sort of.  I’m finally at a point where I think I have more to say then what’s going on in my daily life.  And honestly if that’s what you’re looking for…then follow me on Twitter! Ha. Ha. (no seriously @nessabegood)

Hope you enjoyed my jaunt down memory lane.  Here’s to bigger and better in my future.